Our Mission

“Get Veterans out of their heads and into the wild.”

We believe that exercise, the woods, and the water can cure the mind and body. Our focus is on teaching Veterans about the outdoors and gear hunts toward keeping them out into the wild.

The hunts range from bank fishing to deep sea, squirrel hunting to chasing elk in the mountains.

Once a Veteran goes through our program, they become an ambassador for Guardian Outdoors. They will use what they were taught to develop future events for fellow veterans in their area to spread the wealth of getting more Veterans involved in conservation and the gift of the wild.

We will be videotaping and taking pictures of the entire process. From packing gear, buying gear, getting licenses, knocking on doors asking for permission, hanging stands, tie knots, hang tree stands, set traps, and catch fish. It will extend into processing and cooking the game.

Then the most important part, we will be filming the brotherhood. The tough talks around a camp fire over cold beers. Sharing these stories and tough talks via our videos, so that others can see they are not alone. Learning to live again instead of just existing in the daily rat race. Finding the warrior spirit within and reminding the veterans they have earned a title that they should carry with pride the rest of their days.